Historical and Landscape Evolution of the Squares Dr. Augusto Silva and Leonardo Venerando Pereira, Lavras, MG. / EvoluÃÃo histÃrico-cultural e paisagÃstica das praÃas Dr. Augusto Silva e Leonardo Venerando Pereira, Lavras-MG




The public square collaborate with the beauty of the cities, but besides that, they also exert important function in the ambient urbanistic and environmental context. The square Dr. Augusto Silva, situated in the city of Lavras - MG, has already called Largo da Matriz, PraÃa Central and Jardim Municipal, which was officially inaugurated in November 29, 1908, when it started to have the name of an illustrious doctor from Lavras, Dr. Augusto Josà da Silva. In order to analyze the historical-cultural and landscape design evolution, a survey was realized, in which it was possible to know and to illustrate this evolution, including the area around the square, as well as its landscape design and architectural aspects, evaluating the importance of this evolution for its users. The square has currently the area of 7.552,65 m2 and it presents, as an extension, the square Leonardo Venerando Pereira, with a current area of 2.041,72 m2. Until 1940, this extension was called PraÃa da Bandeira. Along with the years, the square Dr. Augusto Silva has passed through some changes. In the end of the 1930s, a new project was implanted, which modified its design. After this period, until the 1980s, the square did not have any relevant changes. In 1995, a great reform was performed, in order to keep the originality of the initial project of 1936 in classic style. It the beginning of century XXI, the square suffered some alterations in its physical structure. It was also evidenced, by means of this survey, that, even though it is a square of great importance for the city of Lavras, there is no data and stories grouped over it, and besides that, the information and documents are spread among diverse agencies or particular archives. By means of researches of opinion made with the users of the square, it can be identified that it is a place very frequented by several age groups, in different periods of the day. According to most of the interviewed (91.5%), the beauty of the park has been identified as excellent, although 34.2% has mentioned the absence of flower beds. For 52.8% of the interviewed, the square is a safe place, and the illumination is considered good for 46.3% of its users.


public square praÃas pÃblicas engenharias landscape jardins histÃricos paisagismo historical gardens

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