Historias infantis : o simbolismo, a ludicidade e a motricidade na ação da educação motora




This thesis is based on a reflection about a teaching strategy that was utilized in Children s Physical Education classes and denominated by the researcher as "Symbolic Experience." This strategy consists in guiding the students through the experience of a story, in which they accomplish significant motoric movements within the context that they are inserted while the teacher acts to facilitate and orient the process. Three strongly interrelated topics are presented: Motor Activity, Symbolism and Play, which serve as a basis for the formulation of the problem that guides the study. Is offering the possibility to manifest Motor Activity, Symbolism and Play relevant educational practice within children s physical education classes? This study attempts to respond to this question. The elaboration of a broader objective was necessary in order to conduct the investigation: to analyze the manifestation of Motor activity, Symbolism and Play in Children s Physical Education classes starting from the symbolic experiences. To make this analysis, the works of several authors who could provide theoretical foundations for the topics studied were examined: Piaget and Winnicott to provide a basis for the construction of the Symbol; Freire and Marcellino to justify the importance of Play in school; and Sérgio, Moreira, and Trigo to establish the principies related to the Science of Motor Activity. From these theories, principies present in relation to each topic were raised and interrelated to the everyday life of children in school and to the interpretive commentaries concerning the symbolic experiences developed. An exploratory study was utilized starting from the field diary of the researcher s participant observations. In making the analysis, it was possible through the interpretive commentaries to present the manifestations of Motor Activity, Symbolism and Play as important elements in child development, which allow for the children s psychological adaptation to the outside world. It was concluded that such manifestations should be present in educational practice, especially within Physical Education


simbolismo aprendizagem motora jogos

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