Herbert Baldus e a antropologia no Brasil




The present issue is refered to the studies on History of Anthropology in Brazil, analysing the trajectory of Herbert Baldus. Herbert Baldus (1899-1970) was a German ethnologist, who became a Brazilian citzen, arrived in Brazil in the 1920 s, and accomplished fieldworks among American indigenous groups, mainly the Brazilian ones. Baldus descends from a German ethnological tradition in Brazilian Anthropology that, since the discovery of Brazil, studied Brazilian native groups. Although, compared with his pairs, Baldus had a peculiar trajectory. He was inserted into the process of Anthropology institutionalization in Brazil since its beginning, in the 1930 s. He became the Chairman on Brazilian Ethnology in Escola Livre de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo, from 1939 to 1960. From 1947 to 1968, he was the Chief of the Section of Ethnology on Museu Paulista, where he also became the director of the museum. His works reflect the transition between different theoretical trends and historical periods in Brazilian History of Anthropology. He was one of the former ethnologists who introduced functionalistic theories, began the studies on Indigenous acculturation and developed a leadership role on indigenism discussion in Brazil, since the 30 s... Note: The complete abstract is available with the full electronic digital thesis or dissertations.


ciencia - historia antropologos etnologia

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