Health s profile of adults men from Campinas/SP : inequalities according to education / Perfil de saúde de homens adultos do município de Campinas/SP : desigualdades segundo escolaridade


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




For long time women have been the focus of health studies related to gender, while little research investigating the health conditions of men. The male population has high rates of mortality, especially in younger ages and suffer more severe and chronic conditions of health and adopting more unhealthy behaviors. In this context, it is important to know the profile of this population in relation to health, considering their socioeconomic and how social structure influences on their health. The present study aims to assess social inequalities in health, schooling, men 20 to 59 years living in the city of Campinas. Data were collected through the Household Health Survey, a cross-sectional study of populationbased cluster sampling in two stages, held in Campinas in 2008-2009. Among the variables included in this study are the demographic characteristics, the behaviors related to health, the health status and use of health services. Schooling, the main independent variable, was categorized as 0-8 years of study and nine or more years of study. To estimate the prevalence and associations, we used the chi-square test, with significance level of 5% and to obtain the prevalence ratios (PR) and their respective confidence intervals, was performed by Poisson regression. This analysis was performed using the STATA version 11, which considers the weights for the sample design.


men s health health surveys saúde do homem desigualdade social - saúde inquéritos epidemiológicos social inequity

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