Haciendo hologramas en la escuela y en la casa


Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física




The scientific community that deals with the problems related with the teaching-learning process of Physics has devoted many efforts in its perfectioning in the last years motivated, in the first instance, by renewal demands that the rapidly scientific-technological development currently requests in the teaching of science. In the last few years a rapid development in the production of visible-emission diode lasers has been made, this has allowed their increasing use in many applications and makes possible their utilization in the teaching-learning of the physics in the university and particularly of holography, for their great advantages over the high-cost conventional lasers and difficult handling. In this work we describe the portable experimental setup designed for the obtainment of holograms at school and at home using diode laser, the working methodology to be followed, the processing methods used for different types of holographic emulsions and an analysis of frequent defects in the recording and how to detect and eradicate them

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