Growth, photosynthesis and leaf water potential in young plants of Copaifera langsdorffii Desf. (Caesalpiniaceae) under contrasting irradiances.


Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology




Growth and leaf nutrient content were compared in young potted plants of Copaifera langsdorffii in sunny and shaded areas without water stress. Besides, carbon assimilation and leaf water relations were evaluated by net photosynthesis, potential photochemical efficiency and leaf water potential during daily courses in dry and rainy periods under natural conditions in both contrasting irradiances. Higher values of total biomass, height and leaf area occurred in sunny than in shaded area. On the other hand, all young plants survived in shade under natural water stress probably by reason of fast and intense biomass accumulation in favor of roots in early development. There was no significant difference about nutrient concentration in leaves between plants growing in sunny and shaded areas. Net photosynthesis in shade increased occasionally when bunches of direct light reached the leaves. Theses sunflecks took place more frequently and at high intensity in dry period but they were more effective for net photosynthesis in rainy period. The ability of young plants to persist under natural conditions in contrasting irradiance up to 1,230 days after sowing could explain the wide distribution of C. langsdorffii in Cerrado physiognomies and in different types of forest.


cerrado feixes de irradiância fluorescência da clorofila partição da biomassa sobrevivência trocas gasosas foliares

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