Growth of Aeromonas spp. on Butzler Campylobacter selective agar and evaluation of the agar for the primary isolation of Aeromonas spp. from clinical specimens.


The fortuitous finding that Aeromonas spp. grew well on Butzler Campylobacter selective medium (BCSA) in a microaerobic atmosphere at 42 degrees C prompted us to evaluate the performance of BCSA for selective isolation of aeromonads in comparison with ampicillin (30 micrograms/ml) sheep blood agar (ASBA30). Overall recovery rates of aeromonads from 563 stool samples from patients with acute diarrhea were higher on ASBA30 (70.4%) than on BCSA (56.3%); however, 21 (29.5%) grew only on BCSA. The three human-associated Aeromonas spp. could be recovered on BCSA and ASBA30. We recommend the use of BCSA to laboratories reluctant to include a specific selective medium for aeromonads.

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