Growth and Magnetic Properties of RF Sputtered Fe-Ga Thin Films


Mat. Res.




AbstractWe report the growth and characterization of Fe-Ga thin films. These films were RF sputtered onto Si, MgO and quartz substrates by controlling the parameters such as the deposition time, power and substrate temperature. The deposited films were characterized using X-Ray Diffraction, Atomic Force Microscopy and Vibration Sample Magnetometry measurements. The effect of substrates on the structure and magnetic properties were studied. XRD pattern of the deposited films showed the formation of DO3 phase with L12 ordered structure at higher sputtering power. The room temperature deposited films demonstrated higher magnetization (0.08 emu/g) as compared to higher substrate temperature (300 °C) deposited films. The Mr/Ms ratio was found to be 0.037 for films deposited at room temperature and 0.009 for the substrate temperature 300 °C. L12 order was observed in films deposited on MgO and Quartz substrates. Magnetization was also found to be high (Ms out of plane = 518 emu/cm3, Ms in plane = 707 emu/cm3) for films deposited on MgO substrate.

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