Growth and accumulation of nutrients in papaya tree seedlings grown on organic substrates


Rev. Ceres




ABSTRACT The use of organic waste for the production of plant substrates is an important environmental and economic alternative. In this perspective, we performed a work in a greenhouse, with the aim of evaluating the effect of substrates from organic waste during growth, gas exchange and accumulation of mineral elements in ‘Sunrise Solo’ papaya tree seedlings. The experimental design adopted was completely randomized, with four treatments and five repetitions, with six plants in each repetition. The treatments consisted of four types of substrates, three from the composting of sewage sludge, green coconut shell and carnaubeira palm butt, and one was the Turfa Fértil® commercial. We evaluated biometric and physiological variables and accumulation of nutrients and heavy metals in papaya seedlings. The green coconut shell and carnaubeira palm butt substrates promoted superior results for growth, dry biomass, gas exchange and accumulation of nutrients, whereas the commercial substrate and sewage sludge produced seedlings of inferior quality considering all the analyzed variables.

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