Governança e territorialidade no ecodesenvolvimento turístico regional: o caso da Oktoberfest Blumenau




The development of a region or city is measured through aspects which transcend economy, since the main element of this concept is the human being, the environment in which he lives and his well being. It is important to highlight the possibility of inclusion made possible to society through its representatives in the Public Power, which may improve peoples life quality in a sustained way. The inherent aspects of the governance actions (consensus and management of the interests of the actors involved) must be provided by the political will to build the convergence around common objectives to benefit the whole society. In the case of Oktoberfest Blumenau, culture unites the several actors and their demands, as a cohesion element. Within this universe, many people were interviewed, including the current managers of the event, the designer manager (ex-Mayor Dalto dos Reis) and the advertiser Luiz Cé (creator of the former mascot of the party, called Vovô Chopão) with a mixed view of the private sector and the community. As a consequence of these interviews, the most distinct interests of the social actors were identified: public power, private investment and community. From this perspective, Oktoberfest went through distinct moments, all originated by the confrontation of the actors demand, dividing the party into three moments (its territoriality): communitary stage in the beginning, commercial stage on a second moment and currently a stage of communitary and historical rescue, due to the needs of the public power and community and even of the private sector, which come as a consequence of the cultural negligence and excess of mercantile actions on the previous period. For tourism and as a consequence of the development of Blumenau and region, the distinct stages of the event demonstrate the importance of Oktoberfest in the life quality (although there is not a policy for the environmental impacts generated by the party, just a superficial concern) of the directly or indirectly involved population, since business and job opportunities are created due to this event. The consequences of Oktoberfest Blumenau transcend the Vale do Itajaí region, since the party is important for the tourism and the events in Santa Catarina, as well as for the cultural characterisation of the state and its promotional marketing


tourism development oktoberfest - blumenau (sc); desenvolvimento regional - blumenau (sc); turismo - blumenau (sc) desenvolvimento turístico territorialidade turismo territoriality ecodevelopment ecodesenvolvimento governança governance

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