Gluten-free food issues in Turkey


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract Consumption of gluten-free foods (GFFs), natural GFFs (nGFFs) or manufactured GFFs (mGFFs), is reported as a burden on GFF-consumers for different countries. In Turkey, only mGFFs are recognized to be GF, and issues related to them were investigated for the first time. Accessibility of mGFFs is too restricted. Celiac, not other gluten-linked diseases, is recognized in the institutional practices. Price of mGFFs is 5.5 times on average more expensive than corresponding gluten containing foods (cGCFs). GFF-consumers in Turkey are under a heavy burden of the high price pressure, and it is more than the burden on GFF-consumers in other countries not considering the economic welfare difference. Though, exported mGFFs are more expensive than domestic mGFFs, exported ones dominate the market. Well-established arrangements are needed for easing the burden on mGFF-consumers in the country. The lowest possible expenditure for mGFFs by celiac population is almost $ 649×106 per year excluding individuals with other gluten-linked disorders. Turkey is quite untouched market and offers lucrative business opportunities for mGFFs.

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