Global and Local Oriented Gabor Texture Histogram for Person Re-identification


Braz. arch. biol. technol.




ABSTRACT: Automated person re-identification is a key process in global distributed camera systems. This paper proposes a new feature, the Global and Local-Oriented Gabor Texture Histogram (GLOGTH), for person re-identification. GLOGTH is a combination of the local texture and global structure information of a given input image. This feature aims at representing the human appearance traits with low-dimensional feature extraction. The proposed feature extracts the texture information of input images based on the orientation of the weighted gradient from the global representation. In GLOGTH, the principal orientation is determined by the gradient of the pixels. Based on the principal orientation, the Gabor feature is extracted and imbues GLOGTH with the strong ability to express edge information, apart from making it robust to lighting variances. The experimental results acquired from the databases demonstrate that the proposed GLOGTH framework is capable of achieving notable improvements, in many cases reaching higher classification accuracy than traditional frameworks.

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