Gestos pornográficos: desejo, estética e erotismo




The field of experimentation of this work is the movement of prostitutes bodies, that are convoked from bodies eroticism and bodies in the cinema: the transition of attitudes to gestures. This text is established in the limit of the experience of bodies eroticism: immoderate proliferation of life, multiplicity of movements of the bodies, difficulty of the presence of the body evoked through its physical vulnerability and the indetermination of their movements meaning. The gestures are lines of escape, imperceptible becomings, chainings, small cracks and chinks, the opening to the movement of the bodies, movement of the self and among bodies. This work concerns about a two years experience of everyday life with prostitutes who work in Corumbá, a city in the border between Brazil and Bolivia. A perverse order, blurred in lips outlines and in pornographic gestures and, a divine order of integrity, established and convoked by the structures of the social and political body of modernity. These orders slightly touch the movements of this text. In the text, pornographic and cinematographic bodies operate as a kind of reverse. Bodies afflicted by the passions of meanings, hesitating bodies that blur the contours of subjectivity in the attempt to liberate another kind of power, which is the obscene power of language. A cinema of the bodies, a strip-tease of acrobatic, plastic, vulnerable, leaked and penetrated bodies. A great pornography. Prostitution of affections, penetrability of concepts, experimental enjoyment. Will to power that changes the movements aesthetics into pure intensity. From this meetingconflict, to open the void of language in the attempt to liberate another kind of power, that is the bodys power in the limit of the language. Letting speak the nudity of desire, to announce the naked experience of the language


erotismo erotismo pornografia pornografia psicologia pornography gestos gestures cinema gestos eroticism cinema linguagem corporal

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