Gestão financeira de fundos de pensão / Financial management of pension funds




The Brazilian Pension System is composed of three regimens: the General Social Security System (RGPS), the Proper Security System of the Civil Servant (RPPS) and the Supplementary Security System (RPC), operated by open and closed security entities (EFPC and EAPC). The focus of this study is the Financial Management of Closed Entities of Supplementary Security (EFPC) known for the market name of Pension Funds. During the process of research and collecting of information for this study, both in the databases of national and international papers, we noticed that, in the literature available on supplementary pension, there was the lack of a joint approach on the relevant issues to Financial Management of Pension Funds. The existent works and books address Closed Supplementary Social Security under the focus of Law, Accounting, Actuary, Social Environment, Allocation of Assets of Investments, Corporate Governance, but each one, individually, or at most two topics together, never consolidating all these subjects. Face this gap in the literature / scientific papers, and as the Closed Supplementary Pension System is one of the future providers of long term resources for the development process in Brazil (as in other countries), and as Brazil is in phase of growth with the advent of the Security Associations (new providers) and as Brazil owns guarantor reserves of investment assets of R$ 480,3 billion (June/2008) which guarantee the payment of benefits and pensions to 6,3 million (June/2008) participants / beneficiaries, we decided for a structural study that could address all the relevant issues to an efficient and effective Financial Management of Pension Funds. The issues were developed in ten chapters, covering the main aspects, in order to provide a systemic view of the Financial Management of Pension Funds. We highlight the following topics: the pension system in Brazil and other countries; regulation and control systems; corporate governance and risk management; financial sustainability practices; treasury financial management and investment policies; management of short and long term investments in Pension Funds and monitoring of holdings; unique accounting practices; tax aspects of financial management of Pension Funds and holdings; theories of financial management aid; and technological support to the financial and operational management.


financial management supplementary social security previdência complementar gestão financeira pension funds fundos de pensão

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