Gestão estratégica para locadoras de automóveis: um modelo baseado no Balanced Scorecard




The current scenario of the rent a car companies in the country has induced the managers to the adoption of performance and monitoring systems, which also consider the competitiveness of the market and the strategies established for the organization, in order to reach its objectives. The measures of performance, when associating mission, vision, values, strategy, goals and analyses of its services, become an indispensable factor for the strategic management. The BSC Tool considers to use financial and non financial pointers as measures of strategic performance of the company, through the translation of the strategy in operational terms for all the levels of the organization. Considering this context, the objective of this dissertation is to consider a model of strategic management based in the BSC - Balanced Scorecard, for companies of the rent a car business. This work was developed by Nova Rent a Car Case Study and by the theoretical referential of the BSC, and, for its structure and systematic. In face to the results, aims to identify and to structuralize the strategies, objectives and strategic pointers distributed in a balanced form under the four perspectives of the business. Thus, concluded that the construction of the strategic management system based on BSC can represent the answer to strategic implementation and revealing in enough time the necessary strategic changes for the company, showing the efficient tool in the evaluation process and strategic communication


estratégia nova rent a car (empresa) comunicação estratégica strategic communication balanced scorecard planejamento estrategico -- estudo de caso strategic management ciencias contabeis gestão estratégica strategy

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