Gestão do conhecimento, orientação para o mercado, inovatividade e resultados organizacionais: um estudo em empresas instaladas no Brasil / Knowledge management, market orientation, innovativeness and organizational results: a study in companies installed in Brazil




This thesis introduces the study of the relationships among the effective knowledge management, market orientation, innovativeness and organizational results. Starts of the presupposition that the knowledge is a resource of the companies and that it can be managed through related processes for capture, creation, sharing, dissemination, organization and application. It is based in the Resource Based Theory of the Firm. Starting from a survey accomplished with executives of 241 companies throughout Brazil, this study analyzes the individual and jointly contributions of the knowledge management, market orientation, and innovativeness for reach organizational results. To this, was used the modeling of structural equations technique (SEM), whose scales of measurement of the several involved concepts were adapted of other studies accomplished out of Brazil. The results identified evidences that knowledge management is a practice that collaborates directly for market orientation, offering processes that facilitate the customer orientation, the competitor orientation and the interfunctional coordination. The evidences pointed that the knowledge management doesnt collaborate directly for the company innovativeness nor for the organizational results. However, when mediated by market orientation and innovativeness, the knowledge management was shown a practice that collaborates in an important way for the reach the results. In the same way, the evidences demonstrated that the market orientation and the innovativeness dont collaborate directly for the results. In that sense, the negative result of innovativeness collaboration for reach of results didnt corroborate previous researches accomplished already. The analyses allowed ending also that the knowledge, as a resource of the companies, potentiates the other resources of the company, at the same time in that it needs a way in relation to the organizational objectives so that it can be effective. This result is constituted in a collaboration to the theoretical discussions about the effectiveness of knowledge management and the use of the knowledge as resource.


marketing estratégico organizational results gestão do conhecimento desempenho organizacional strategic marketing knowledge management

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