GESTÃO DEMOCRÃTICA NO ENSINO PÃBLICO: Entraves no processo â um estudo de caso




A present research analyzes one dynamics makes Basic of the process of work of the School called HÃvia ValÃria Maia de Amorim, objectifying to evaluate a quality of its management one to leave of the practical one makes pertaining to school Council of that unit of education, searching to identify a permanence of practices paternal and clientelistas, that entered an implementation and the development of a model of management of the PUBLIC Politics established no principle of the decentralization and the participation of the society, implanted in the Net of Municipal education of Maceià since 1993, to leave deeply of the coalition electoral victory of situated a none field of the left in a state marked by an oligarchical culture, constructed of the subserviency and the submission of base to the places and the politician-economic center of the privileged classes it makes country. For this, the methodological course tried to verify the evidences of this phenomenon by recovering the actions and behaviors of the subjects that, collectively that had made and continue making of the one of the ones of and the behaviors a history of that school, as also, and not to run the risk to analyze it separately, as a disentailed island of the net one that is integrant part, I search to rescue the process of implantation of the Democratic Management, implanted one decade no city for formularization of pertinent concepts the posterior knowledge makes object. In this direction, a characterization of the school favored the topic and an understanding of the nature makes its administractive model, diverse segments of that unit that composes the school Council. Its basic expressions had allowed to establish connections with a ampler reality of the social Brazilian particularity, mainly with relation to the states mechanisms that inscribe a democratic management no landmark of the Constitution of 88 and the new LDB, 9.394/96. The study it transits for the categories of the democracy, the participation, makes paternalism and it makes clientelism, as theoretical subsidies to the agreement of the singularity make HÃvia ValÃria. An inquiry made possible an apprehension makes democratic process as space for a citizenship no horizon of the social transformation, as well as a practical definition of estimated to collective for a conquest of the school the citizen, allowing us of the ones of reaching a critical perception polar regions of the practical ones developed there, as a space of reproduction of capitalist work and reproduction of values of the diligent classroom of sight - a school of masses. With the study, it is inferred that in that unit of education if not only express and has the old continuity of practical of making the politics in an oligarchical perspective and conservative, as it is also inferred that the model of management practiced there does not correspond to the principles of an effectively democratic management of the education


escola hÃvia valÃria maia de amorim net of municipal education of maceià gestÃo escolar conselho escolar polÃtica pÃblicas public politics servico social rede de ensino municipal de maceià school hÃvia valÃria maia de amorim management school

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