Gestão democrática na escola : uma estratégica de prazer no trabalho - estudo exploratório com professores de escola pública do Distrito Federal


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This research aim to analyze the role of democratic management in pleasure-suffering dynamic in teachers work in public school in Taguatinga DF. It purposes to characterize the context of work, investigating experiences of pleasure-suffering in this place besides identifying mechanisms used by teachers to face that suffering. This study is based on Work Psychodynamics, an approach which studies dynamic relations in the Work Organizations and process of subjectivity of individuals who present experiences of pleasure-suffering, in the action strategies to work out a solution some conflicts and contradictions of work organizations, in the social pathologies, in the health and sickness. Participants of this study were ten teachers of children education of a public school of Federal District, Brazil. They were accomplished three sections of collective interviews which were recorded, transcribed and submitted to analysis of sense nucleus. Individuals agree that content of teacher work impacts in the health/sickness, because there is a kind of overload, stress, agony, frustration and physical and emotional exhaustion. Individuals point out to a democratic management that make a participation and expression freedom. Relationships between work partners, boss and students are satisfactory, fortifying by cooperation dynamics and trusty. Relationship with families was perceived as deficient, pointing out to unbelief of their functions. The suffering comes out of conditions, of professional depreciation, mainly by absence of Health Insurance or social acknowledgement of the profession by local government and by majority of families, solidifying as a risk to their healthy, because it raises difficulties satisfactory execution of their work. Pleasure comes from professional relationship, from scholar success of students, from harmony environment of school, from professionalism of scholar management and from acknowledgement of the profession by their partners. Individuals seek defense strategies to protect, adaptation and exploration to deal with suffering.


escolas organização administração educação e estado psicologia psicologia pleasure-suffering democratic management work psychodynamics

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