Gestão de processos de negócio: uma contribuição para a avaliação de soluções de business process management (BPM) sob a ótica da estratégia de operações. / Business process management: a contribution to evaluate BPM solutions form the operations strategy point of view.




In business-oriented environments, the incessant search for competitiveness has demanded a higher ability to deal with changes. In order to follow such dynamics, companies have been searching for solutions of integration of its processes with intensive use of information technology, in a way of providing better flexibility and speed to its operations. The term Business Process Management Solution, or Business Process Management System (BPMS) provides a technological platform for realizing such initiatives. It seems relevant a discussion about organizational requirements needed to apply such tools and, specially, on BPM solutions adequacy under operations strategy point-of-view. A model for evaluation based on the use of AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) was developed to identify the functional characteristics of a BPM solution and link to the performance objectives from the business manager point-of-view. Such model is composed of a questionnaire and a matrix of prioritization of the targeted performance objectives, making possible the attainment of one competitive profile grade for each evaluated solution. The model has been validated with the Delphi method for the questionnaire definition and the method of case study for its applicability. Its application proved to be adequate to better understand the presented solutions and the differences among them in terms of capacity and strengths from the manager view, and, it allows a logical selection delimiting the universe to be evaluated what might diminish the perception of risk of the investment to be made.


gestão de processos performance objectives process management operations strategy estratégia de operações objetivos de desempenho business process management business process management

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