Gestão das águas subterrâneas transfronteiriças: o caso do Sistema Aquífero Guarani / Transboundary groundwater management: the case of Guarani Aquifer System




The transboundary groundwater management emerges as a new paradigm. Nowadays there is talk in much change, especially in the environmental area, but very little has been done about it. The great challenge for society in the XXI century will be how we think the water resources management. Historically the water resources management has been directed to expanding the supply of water, and the only solution to tackle the shortage are the major works. Currently there is no specific international regulations for transboundary groundwater, this scenario brings us a question, as Brazil is ready? The legislation and the instruments of nationals management are fundamental to the country exercising its sovereignty and not be vulnerable to actions of other states. That is why the cooperative efforts in the pursuit of sustainability and international environmental safety competition with the classical conception of sovereignty. Today the Guarani Aquifer System (known as the SAG in Spanish and Portuguese) is in a scenario of water abundance in general, but there is a gradual increase in water use, and also quantitative problems for concentration of uses and problems of local contamination, both in transboundary areas and national. There is also a possible diffuse contamination in recharge areas. Policies for the SAG will have to point out solutions and alternatives to these problems, the reality experienced in all countries with deep social, economic and ecological imbalances will be called into question. If the integrated management has not aimed to overcoming these imbalances, we certainly have political action merely illustrative. This idea leads to a fundamental question: The countries are willing to cede part of its possible benefits in seeking a common good?


guarani aquifer system sistema aquífero guarani transboundary groundwater Águas subterrâneas transfronteiriças

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