Gestão da informação e aprendizagem organizacional na gestão de projetos empresariais: proposta de um modelo conceitual.




Due to great instability and high competition in the current business environment, organizations are faced with the need to constantly implement changes in order to either be on the top or keep competitiveness. Thus, projects are needed. These projects, which have a clear and well-defined beginning and end, and aim to obtain either a product or a service, end up featuring distinctive characteristics from the functional management. This explains why project management, which appeared in the 50s, has grown so much and reached such a degree of importance nowadays. Another factor of competitiveness is information that can really make a difference if well managed. This is when the role of the Information Management arises: it shows how to obtain quality information, how to treat it (interpreting, contextualizing and adding value to it), and how to store it properly so that it can be easily retrieved whenever needed. Also, when talking about information management, the development of an organizational knowledge base is relevant. This base consists of recorded knowledge that should be made available for use. The objective of this study is to propose a model of information management in such a way that it leads to an organizational learning in project management. This research is a theoretical study that emphasizes the interface between the Information Science and the Administration field that deals with projects. It has reached the conclusion that an adequate information management applied to project management may favor the organizational learning and, consequently, form a substantial knowledge base.


gestão de projetos gestão da informação information management ciencia da informacao aprendizagem organizacional project management information system sistemas de informação organizational learning

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