GEOWEB, um facilitador para a aprendizagem em geotecnia / GEOWEB, a facilitator for learning in geotechnical




Historically and with more emphasis on the international level, efforts have been dedicated in the design and implementation of Learning Objects for the teaching of soil mechanics courses in Civil Engineering, in particular, to the topic of Water Movement in Soil. Following this vision, this paper examines the relationship between teaching and learning in the topic of Water Movement in Soil of Soil Mechanics courses that are offered by the of Civil Engineering Department of the Federal University of Viçosa - UFV, with the use of virtual and interactive tools in contrast to the traditional teaching method used in Brazil. A support platform based on programs written in a visual language with graphical interfaces and creative programs was developed in order to allow users to type their responses to questions raised through a spreadsheet and give them in real time the results achieved. This platform, called GeoWeb, was made available to teachers and students of undergraduate and graduate programs of Civil and Environmental Engineering of three federal universities of Minas Gerais/BR (UFJF, UFOP and UFV), in the period 2006 to 2008. Through pre-and post-tests, open and closed questionnaires, and interviews, users who participated in the project demonstrated that the procedure using of interactive online tools developed in this work was more effective than the traditional teaching-learning process, reaching as grade average hyper than 80%, as well as degree of satisfaction the students of 94 and 99%, respectively, regarding tools friendly approach and reliability. Another result of this work was to help train a team of developers of Learning Objects, herein named multipliers, that are able to develop and disseminate the use of interactive tools dedicated to the teaching-learning process in soil mechanics and related areas.


interatividade soil mechanics mecânica dos solos qualidade interactivity software educacional permeabilidade engenharia civil educational software permeability quality

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