Geoprocessamento como ferramenta de apoio à gestão dos recursos hídricos subterrâneos do Distrito Federal




In the Federal District of Brasilia (Capital of Brazil), the groundwater demand has growin significantly in the last decades. Migratory process promoted by local government policies, population increasing and inadequate territory occupation are the main factors that compromises qualitatively and quantitatively subsurface water resources. In this sense, it is necessary to establish technical criteria for the sustainable management of groundwater resources based on the local aquifer systems potentials. The main aim of the study is to organize and provide new information on the Federal District groundwater management process. The study employs preexistent data of geology, soil, use and land cover merged into a Geographical Information System (GIS). Based on georeferenced and revised database, it was possible to define infiltration and aquifers recharge conditions as well as to classify aquifer system areas in terms of exploration pressure. In order to evaluate the maximum soil water retention capacity, the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was used. Average long term precipitation measures was added to the database, generating the so called Water Resource Potential Map that, associated with a slope information, resulted into the Aquifer Recharge Potential Map of the region. The latter, aggregated with the mean water discharge from each hydrogeologic unit, resulted in the Groundwater Exploitation Favorability Map of the Federal District. After that, five classes of water user rights are introduced considering the aquifers favorability and the yield of the wells as the technical criteria to define the pumping percentage to each water user. Based on field observations, three water user right subclasses are defined related to restrictions imposed by the anthropogenic land use, regime of groundwater pumping and contamination risk assessment.


management geologia geographical information system (gis) gestão e outorga water user right água subterrânea sistema de informação geográfica groundwater

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