Geometry and head loss in Venturi injectors through computational fluid dynamics


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ABSTRACT To determine the influence of geometry on the hydrodynamic behavior of Venturi injectors, using computational fluid dynamics techniques, we studied, at the Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain, the geometric parameters that exert the most influence on head losses: the relationship between throat diameter and nozzle (β), nozzle angle (α1) and diffuser angle (α2). In addition, three throat morphologies (B1: nozzle-throat and throat-diffuser with a sharp edge; B2: nozzle-diffuser with a zero-length, sharp-edge throat; B3: nozzle-throat and throat-diffuser with rounded edge). We analyzed their influence on the velocity distribution and differential pressure between inlet and throat (DP/γ), throat and outlet (Δhv/γ), and outlet and throat ((P3-P2)/γ). The development of the velocity profile from the throat is slower the greater β is and the lower α2 is. DP/γ decreases with β, increases with α1 and varies little with α2. Δhv/γ decreases with β and increases with α1 and α2. (P3-P2)/γ decreases with β and increases with α1 and α2. Geometry B3 decreases the losses and delays the onset of cavitation. Thus, the lower β and the higher α2, the greater the losses; however, the influence of α1 is less clear. The rounded edges produce lower head losses.

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