Genetic parameters estimation in common bean under weed plant competition


Rev. Ceres




ABSTRACT The present study aimed to estimate genetic parameters of 20 common bean genotypes, commercial and regional bean on weed interference. The agronomic characters analyzed were: average stem diameter (ASD); average plant length (APL); number of pods per pot (NPP); number of locules per pod (NLP); number of grains per pod (NGP); percentage of empty locules (% EL); total grains per pot (TGP); total grain weight per pot (TGW) and average grain weight (AGW). High heritability values were found for most of the characters studied, except for NGP and EL; in addition to great genetic variability among genotypes. Therefore, for most of the characteristics of agronomic interest studied, simple selection methods can be applied with great potential to identify superior genotypes and consequent genetic progress in common bean breeding.

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