Genetic identity among rubber tree (Hevea spp.) clones, from different origins, based on RAPD markers. / Identidade genÃtica de clones de seringueira (Hevea spp), de diferentes procedÃncias, baseada em marcadores RAPD.




The rubber tree (Hevea spp.) is a native specie from amazon region, and represent the largest source of natural rubber in the world. In order to find more favorable conditions for its cultivation and to increase the production of natural rubber, the rubber tree crop has had an expansion to other Brazilâs regions. In these regions the sources of genetic material have high variability, that can cause doubts about the true clone identity. Comparative studies among the materials from different places are desirable in order to assure the real clone identity. RAPD markers were utilized to compare rubber tree clones originated from different brazilian regions, like Lavras-MG (UFLA) and Campinas-SP (IAC) and to estimate the genetic similarity among these clones, with aim to establish the possible level of relationship and genetic likeness in the material studied and to confirm the clone identities. The genetic characterization was made in 41 individuals, represented by 17 different clones, using 19 primers, which generated 121 polymorphic fragments. The genetic similarity was estimated among the polymorphic fragments, by using the coefficient of Dice, grouped by the method of averages (UPGMA) and represented in a dendrogram. The genetic similarity among the materials analysed had a variation from 0,56 to 1,00 and 18 groups were observed. The clones RRIM 600, GT 1, PB 235, PL PIM and FX 2261, utilized in different replicates, confirmed the genetic identity of each individual. There were no genetic variation among the plants of the same clone, and the similarity showed was 1,00. However, the clones identified like RRIM 701 were not identical. The results suggest that the material obtained from UFLA (Lavras) is the same of the IAC (SÃo Paulo), except the RRIM 701, showing relatively high genetic variability, determining the identity of each clone and evidencing the wide genetic basis available the for studies and propagation of rubber tree culture.


seringueira genetic similarity similaridade genÃtica marcador molecular rapd markers clones hevea spp. ciÃncias agrÃrias clones

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