Função do 1 grau: um estudo sobre seus registros de representação semiótica por alunos da 1 série do Ensino médio




In attempt to increase the comprehension of students cognitive operation related to difficulties in Mathematic discipline, more specifically in the case of first level function, we based our investigation on Raymond Duval s theory of the registers of semiotic representations, exploring situations in which first grade high school students are called to construct the concept of first level function. We carried out our study from: a survey of epistemological aspects of the concept of first level function, official documents that deal with teaching and learning process, analysis of some teaching materials and of application and interpretation of a didactic sequence created by us. In this didactic sequence, we intended to explore some registers as: the graphical, the algebra writing, through chart and natural language; trying to understand how these representations are displayed as available for their utilization and coordination about the mathematical concept of first level function. Our research was mainly concerned with some cognitive activities involved in transformations such as treatments and conversions. Therefore, we believe our research may contribute to the comprehension of how mathematical processes, related to specific contents, are mobilized by the students during the registers of semiotic representations, especially in activities which demand the student the conversion among the registers, that, according to Duval (1995), is a necessary condition for learning a Mathematical concept.


função do 1 grau funções (matemática) - estudo e ensino registers of semiotic representations first level function registros de representação semiótica educacao

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