Fronteira de eficiência em serviços de saneamento no estado de São Paulo. / Eficiency frontier of sanitation service in State of São Paulo.




By the fact that the inter-relationship between health, sanitation, environmental conservation and economic growth, are essential for the systematical basic sanitary planning, programs that are focused on basic sanitation are considered to be as a mitigation mechanism to avoid diseases and epidemics spread by water bodies. However, in literature there is well known that there are some difficulties on the effectcause detection on a basic sanitations system. That way, the objective of the present study, is measure, in an alternative way, the efficiency in the sector. Verifying the existence of economical efficiency among basic sanitation companies on Sao Paulo State, according to the different products determination, assuming two types of systematical errors (half-normal and truncated-normal), as well as, the covered services: regional and local. To perform that, it has been evaluated the efficiency existence on the companies, on Sao Paulo State, using the data from the ‘Sistema Nacional de Informação sobre Saneamento’ (SNIS), of 2002, from Cities Ministry (Brasil, 2004); through 10 stochastic frontier models of cost function to each type of output used as the dependent variable. It is possible to conclude that, according to the different determinations of outputs, and the assumed distribution of the systematic error, the results has presented different results. That way, the determination of the efficiency is sensible to the choice of output. Performed tests have showed that covered services of the companies were not significant to determine a result. Finally, the ranking of the municipals in the model have presented different results, and they vary according to the choice of output, proving that efficiency is not sensible to the stochastic error, as well as the reach ness of the services provided by the companies.


eficiency frontier saneamento básico são paulo (sp) são paulo (sp) eficiência econômica basic sanitation

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