From the profissional formation and development of the physical education teacher to the educational inovation / Da formação e desenvolvimento profissional do professor de educação fisica a inovação educativa




The creation of the public school (for all) opened the doors to the cultural diversity so that it went through the boundaries of the school culture. With the new technologies and the globalization advance, the information became even more spread and the population had access to several different symbolic codes. But these codes interpretations, still, continued being local and individual forming more and more, the multiculturalism. Contradictory to this movement, the school continued closed to its ideology and far from the social reality, creating conflicts and resistance .The school is still not able to answer the logic of the relations which have been lived, contributing to the homogeneity of the cultures. Thus, the school challenge is how not to elect an unique logic and so, establish a dialogue among the logic from the different societies. The school is formed by social actors able to change this picture, among them, the teacher is the one who most keeps the power of transforming the pedagogical realation into reciprocity conditions. According to the analysed literature, the competences formation is closely related to collective reflections able to analyse the most complex social webs. Such problematics led us to the general aim formation of this research: to build a continuous formation process that enabled the autonomy and the improvement of the physical education teacher s action quality. As specific aims we stand out: a) enable the teacher to build new competences; b) encourage the teachers to improve the pedagogical relation process; c) provide the physical education teacher with autonomy in order to build a curriculum dialogued with the body culture of his/her social group. The reason why we opted for a continuous formation process based on the social collaboration of the involved authors is justified by the fact that it resulted in the improvement of the educational quality and provided the physical education teacher with autonomy. This was a field research based on a collaborative action-research. The data analysis folllowed the orientations of the triangle technique. Allowing us to conclude that the continuous formation process facilitated different levels of reflexivity, from the resistance to the involvement with the need of changes, leading to the teachers professional development. The knowledge construction by the group resulted in an educative innovation, which offered subsidies from the Semiotics Science to the pedagogical work. This theoretical basis enabled the teachers to create competences in order to read the fellow bearer of identity s body language and, therefore, teachers with autonomy and able to create their own social group curriculum and a teaching and learning process relation dialogued between the cultural differences


physical education inovações educacionais educational innovations semiotica educação fisica professores - formação profissional teacher x professional formation semeiotics

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