From Lighting to Photoprotection: Fundamentals and Applications of Rare Earth Materials


J. Braz. Chem. Soc.




Light and rare earths (RE) have a long lived relationship that dates from the discoveries of these elements in the nineteenth century. Since then, the increasing comprehension of their spectroscopic properties conducted to a wide and alluring literature about light absorption and emission by this particular and fascinating group. For more than 50 years, RE-containing solid-state optical materials have undoubtfully been an important subject for the development of more efficient lighting, visualization, communication and health everyday applications. Therefore, this review introduces the spectroscopic properties of rare earth materials and their applications, with a brief discussion of the main mechanisms of light absorption and emission from a 4f elements inorganic physical chemistry perspective. Special attention is devoted to the use of these elements in systems concerning photoprotection and to the fundamentals of visible light generation for lighting and visualization.

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