Freire e Vigotski: um diálogo entre a pedagogia freireana e a psicologia histórico-cultural. / Freire and Vigotski: a dialogue between freires pedagogy and historical-cultural psychology.




To weave the meeting, to demonstrate the effective possibilities of dialogue between Freires pedagogy and historical-cultural psychology, this is the mainly objective of this study. From asks about a concrete living of implementation of principles of Freires pedagogy, it had constituted a theoretical object whose research and elaboration give strength to the initial thesis that historical-cultural psychology and Freires pedagogy may constitute mutually fields of meeting and dialogue. This weaving proposed becomes material through the articulation, in terms of theoretical found of work, consciousness and language categories, as conceited by historical-dialectical materialism, understood here as common basis for the dialogue between Paulo Freire and Lev Vygotsky, and in terms of psychological theory and pedagogy discussed, the categories of symbolic mediation knowledge construction, internalization, pedagogic mediation and conceptual elaboration, concerned as theoretical patterns of dialogue of these authors. Based on this theoretical framework, I develop a reflection on the effective role of the meeting and dialogue proposed: the school and its organization around processes of knowledge construction and human development. The results reached by the process of theoretical investigation allow to affirm, now and moreover, the effective possibility of dialogue and meeting between Paulo Freire and Lev Vygotsky, and also to add that, on one hand Freires pedagogy may constitute fertile field of mediation of historical-cultural psychology patterns, on the other, Freires pedagogy constitutes fruitful space for research about the processes of the development of typically human ways to be and to think, as objects of its investigation.


desenvolvimento humano e educação psicologia e pedagogia psichology and pedagogy human development and education freire e vigotski freire and vigotski

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