Formar e formar-se no berçario: um projeto de desenvolvimento profissional no contexto de um Centro de Educação Infantil / Educate and get educated in a nursery: a professional development project in a context of a child care




The present study aimed to investigate the possibilities of promoting changes in educational practices of nursery teachers in a Child Care in the municipality of São Paulo. This work is presented through a training process focused in Educational Centers. The identity of a teacher in the child upbringing has been built in the same context as Child Cares have. Despite the fact that pedagogic actions in Children Educational Centers have been changing consistently, there are still out of context attitudes related to concepts and representations arising from the childhood and education of small children. In general, it is hard to find a practice that focus the kinderculture and break with an education built under the form of an adult culture. In light of the theories by Vygotsky and Bruner, as well as the ones formulated by Oliveira- Formosinho about the training of child care professionals, this research includes a case study inspired by precepts that take into account an investigation-action methodology. That includes a professional development project that has been developed by this researcher (who is also the director of a child care), a pedagogic coordinator and four teachers from the same institution. The educational process that was guided by video records promoted a change in the action of the teacher, as well as some reflections about, among others, the structure and organization of the nursery, the interactions that happen in the same place, and the mediations among the teachers involved. Through a joint investigation of solutions for the issues mentioned above, that werent previously delimited, new conceptions of the educational practices and new elements to the discussions have emerged. The data analysis revealed that this kind of exercise, even though is a non linear, complex and slow process, can reveal a more efficient way to knowledge sharing and improvement of actions and practices in a way that provides the means to a new way of thinking and enlarging the participants responsibilities.


nursery investigação-ação investigation-action mediação berçário mediation formação em contexto training in a context room organization organização do espaço

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