Formación en investigación pedagógica: experiencias de docentes en formación en pedagogía infantil


Educ. Pesqui.




Abstract Inquiring about research training experiences drawing from the appreciation of teachers under basic training concerning child education shows a fundamental problem: their characterization, interpretation, and update arising from the tension between their academic training and their professional practice. Thus, the article analyzes the underlying characteristics of this process looking at students of the “Degree Option” course (academic periods 2018-1, 2018-2, and 2018-3) of the Bachelor’s Degree in Child Pedagogy (Distance), career offered by the Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios - UNIMINUTO (Colombia) in the Regional Vice-Rectory Bogotá Sur. To do this, the text indicates the development of an educational ethnography by which they were observed (field diaries), inquired (virtual questionnaire) and conceptually analyzed (summaries of documentary analysis) the research training experiences of the students. The results achieved, although they affirm the relevance of the process for the development of their pedagogical practices, also explain a problem regarding their procedural nature, which prevents them from problematizing those practices as a research scenario. Thus, the text infers the need to make visible the knowledge acquired by students in their training and professional experience; appropriate as a pedagogical criterion the research heritage of the teacher and his ability to develop pedagogical processes from training methodologies and diverse virtual mediations; and define conceptual frameworks that allow updating the training process in research with the interest of deploying capacities to appropriate the emerging knowledge of pedagogical practices as a research reality for teachers in training.

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