Formação territorial e planejamento urbano: por um uso mais solidário do território de Campinas/SP / Territorys formation and urban planning: for an use more solidary of Campinas/SPterritory




This masters dissertation studies the territorial formation of Campinas/SP and its urban planning by the use of a theory-methodological instrumentals which includes the tematic cartography, the periodization and the history as a method resource allied with a group of concepts and cathegories as well as the place, the used territory, the events and the solidarity that leads to figure out what is the contribution of the planning for the nowadays uses of territory. We have seen that it has followed the old company strategic planning manual and it imports models from others planning currents from different world places to provide its insertion on the competitive world of globalization. This fact is translated by the several creation of urban lots and fluidity in the territory which shows uses every time more corporative and setorial that mutilate the territory and its society, social and spacially as well. We also dedicate in reflecting about the role that Campinas fulfills in a regional and national urban chain due to its several functions and for including a very big uncertainty of common knowledge companies and institutions parallely to the expansion of social spacially inequalities.


campinas/sp urban planning territorial formation uses of territory periodization formação territorial planejamento urbano periodização uso do território campinas/sp

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