Formação continuada: os sentidos atribuídos na voz do professor




The aim of the present study is to understand the meaning that teachers give to the process of continuous development offered to them. The theoretical reference is the social-historical Psychology of L.S. Vigotski and his followers. The conception of world and human beings is discussed and some fundamental categories for the data analysis, such as: consciousness, sense, meaning, affection, focusing on the process that constitute them, the mediations and their importance for the ways of thinking, acting and feeling. A critical review of teachers continuous development in Brasil and its present challenges are discussed. The research involved three teachers with experience in the first years of fundamental education and working for a public school in a city in the state of São Paulo. The data were collected in meetings with the group where life report, group interview and the selection of a picture with an art work and a question as a resource for reflection were used. The analysis was developed from the participants speech organised in nucleus based on the social-historical theory as an attempt to understand the emotions and needs that motivated each of the participants to different actions during their career. The analysis, in an interpretative constructed movement, allowed the evidence of indicators to understand wishes, affective and cognitive factors as determinant for lhe I meanings each ofthe participants attribute to the process of continuous development. The present study emphasises the continuous development as an integrated aspect of the teachers work and the school as a privileged locus for this process, the importance of team work and interpersonal relations. It also points the need of studies to help a better understanding of lhe dichotomy between theory and practice still present in teachers speech and work


professores -- formacao profissional psicologia educacional formacao continuada

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