Formação a distância de professores do ensino fundamental: uma nova forma de ensino?




: This paper intends to analyze and to discuss the question about the 1st to 4th grades teachers formation in Brasil. The corpuss basic readings were contemporary authors articles about this area and a proposition of the Ministério da Educação for a teachers formation course in distance education modality, Proformação, which is part of the brasilian educational public politics. The French form of Analysis of Discourse based mainly on Eni Orlandis and Michel Pêcheuxs articles was the theoretical and methodological reference to read this elected articles. These discussion and analysis intend to apprehend the senses effects yielded in these texts readings to understand how a subject-position was constituted, the primary teachers one position, which is referred to knowledge and how it is transmitted by and in the school and in a distance teaching modality, that one used at the Proformação. Authorship was the main analysiss category to realize theoretical and practical dislocations that this program could bring to the discussion. We could conclude temporarily that this courses teacher subject-position is the students one and so this takes out of the qualification process the reflection about the theory-practice relation which is an inherent element of a teachers work.


psicologia ensino à distância distance teaching modality sujeito e autor teachers formation public politics políticas públicas formação de professores subject and knowledge

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