Forking paths: ideas, actors, strategies ans interestsin science and technology policy of the military regime / Caminhos que se bifurcam: idéias, atores, estratégias e interesses na política científica e tecnológica do regime militar




The present thesis approaches the science and technology Brazilian politicses during the period of the military regime (1964-1985). Their main matters tell respect to the ideas and to the interests of some of your central personages: the militaries, the scientific community and the technocrats responsible for the administration of the Government economic sector of that period. Such personages, with interests and distinct thoughts - and many times locking conflicts concerning about of the bearings of the national development, although they sought different goals, they built a single trajectory with ambitious projects to foment internally a joint of institutions with sights to the production and to the acquisition of a science and an advanced technology. Before being economics, the decisions concerning the science and technology policies had a political fundamentally profile and privileged governmentsinterests and of the elites that sustained them. For the State, the scientific and technological development not always it was a purpose only; sometimes was a goal, and in at other times was a form of if reach specific goals. Thought as a way, these political can be dispensable from the moment in which it is possible or desirable to reach the same results traversing smaller and less problematic paths. Like means or as ends, only is possible to comprehend the policies of the sector at issue when there is a wide horizon in which is possible to realize whats are the goals and how they are demanded. To comprehend better these relations, two aspects are important: a) the thoughts that led to the formation, structuring and performance of the science and technology national system, as well as of the bearings of the scientific and technological development in Brazil and, b) the interests and objectives that the main personages detained, how were - or were not - carried of radical way inside the bureaucratic structure and in the governmentslawsuits according to the limitations imposed by the political and economic contexts, both internal and external.


tecnoburocracia estado desenvolvimentista military regime scientific and technological policy política científica e tecnológica regime militar scientific community comunidade científica developmental state techno-bureaucracy

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