Foam mat drying of banana juice: varieties of ripe banana analysis and egg albumen foam


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract Drying technologies for ripen bananas is needed. Ripe bananas contains more antioxidant levels, anti-cancerous properties, easier to digest and useful for anxiety and depression. Considering nutrition compositional changes and the effect of external factors during processing ripe banana as a flour, foam mat drying with egg albumen foam was chosen. This research aim to provide an overview of banana juice foam mats from three different varieties bananas at level 5 up to 7 of maturity and mixed into different proportion using egg albumen as foaming agent and dried at temperatures from 60 °C to 80 °C in a cabinet dryer to a brittle and porous solid which able to grind. The study revealed that there is a significant difference in combination of banana varieties to rendement, the solubility of the powder and moisture content. The combination of various varieties of bananas is considered better to produce quality of ripen banana flour.

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