Floristic Composition Analysis of Soil Transposition in a Seasonal Forest in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


Floresta Ambient.




ABSTRACT This study aimed to identify the floristic composition and density of a seed bank transposed from a Seasonal Forest fragment in Rio Grande do Sul. The seed bank of the (BSI) fragment center and edge (BSII) of another forest fragment was also evaluated, both at medium to advanced successional stages. The seed bank was deposited in Brown-Gray Argisol and Red Argisol using exposed soil plots as control. ANOVA followed by Tukey test (p<0.05) were used to compare treatments for density and species richness. The density of individuals did not differ between treatments. Species richness was higher for BSI and BSII treatments in relation to control. The floristic composition presented different life forms, but was mainly composed of herbaceous species. It was concluded that the seed bank from the two donor areas contributed to the expansion of species richness in two soil types.

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