FiltraCheck-UTI, a rapid, disposable system for detection of bacteriuria.


The initial evaluation of the FiltraCheck-UTI bacteriuria detection system is described. The colorimetric test, which utilizes a disposable filter disk and a stable reagent system, does not require instrumentation. The test procedure is simple and may be performed in less than 1 min. Results obtained with the FiltraCheck-UTI system were compared with those obtained by conventional semiquantitative culturing. Of 1,198 urine specimens evaluated, 202 (16.9%) were determined to be significant positives at greater than or equal to 10(5) CFU/ml by the culture method. The sensitivity and specificity of the FiltraCheck-UTI system were 96.5 and 79.7%, respectively, and the negative predictive value was 99.1%. The high sensitivity, rapidity, simplicity, and unique disposable format of the FiltraCheck-UTI system offer significant advantages over other commonly used screening methods.

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