FIFA 2009: o jogo como representação do real


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The a master‟s thesis entitled "FIFA 2009: the game as a representation of the real" is based on the relationship between the game of video games FIFA SOCCER 2009, by Electronic Arts, the art in some periods of history, the communication and information inherent to the object artistic and Semiotics. We establish links between these elements and characteristics wich unite them in confection and fruition of the game. To carry out an analysis of these characteristics, we "desconstructed" the game from important elements in its creation and assessment on the part of designers and players virtual. These elements are the color, shape and space. They are arranged in liaison with the visualization of the game, the elements technological, historical and aesthetic inherent in this current form of entertainment. We believe the video game is beyond the leisure and appearance ludic simply, respecting him as a representative work of contemporary art. To do this, contextualized the post-modern environment and the notion that the conceptualization of art expanded today more than ever the limits of interpretation and acceptance of it represents. In the history of art and philosophy that all artwork is representative of their time and the elements components of videogames corroborate this assertion, because they have characteristics common to any work of art, such as creating, ingenuity, social and economic value, in addition to the technical and theoretical knowledge. The possibility of reading of works of art through Semiotics is not a novelty, but we sought to show that, if the game can be considered a work of art, its interpretation may also be given through assumptions semiotic


arte art semiotics videogame communication comunicacao videogame comunicação semiótica

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