Fermentation and aerobic stability of corn silage inoculated with Lactobacillus buchneri


Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia




The characteristics of fermentation and aerobic stability were evaluated in corn silage inoculated with different doses of Lactobacillus buchneri. The whole corn plant (300 g/kg DM) was ensiled in quadruplicate laboratory silos (7L). L. buchneri 40788 was applied at 5×10(4), 1×10(5), 5×10(5) and 1×10(6) cfu/g of fresh forage. Silages with no additive were used as controls. After 130 d of ensiling, the silages were subjected to an aerobic stability evaluation for 12 days, in which chemical and microbiological parameters as well as the temperature of the silage were measured to determine the aerobic deterioration. The addition of L. buchneri resulted in increased acetic acid concentrations. The number of yeast colonies was low in all treated silages. The pH, lactic and propionic acid concentrations did not differ between silages. Under aerobic conditions, all the treated silages showed a low number of yeasts and a great aerobic stability. Therefore, L. buchneri is effective against yeasts and improves the aerobic stability of corn silage in laboratory silos. However, doses equal or superior to 1×10(5) cfu/g of fresh forage were more efficient in the control of aerobic spoilage.

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