Feeders parallelism through vis-a-vis disconnecting switches in aerial primary distribution network. / Paralelismo de alimentadores através de seccionadoras de vis-à-vis na rede aérea primária de distribuição.




An important aspect related to the distribution systems operation concerns the safety required in the post-disturbances restorement actions or in the emergency and scheduled maneuvers, which involve the need for load transfer between primary overhead feeders of a same sub-station or for an adjacent sub-station, in a safe and reliable way, complying with the loading requirements, voltage at systemic level and protection, among others. Currently the decisions and taking actions related to the necessary maneuvers to carry out the load transfers are responsibility of the operators who work in the operations control rooms, and in many cases, only endorsed by each operator´s own experience, gathered along the time. This paper aims at the study of the involved physical phenomena in situations that place distribution primary overhead feeders in parallel or even when a configuration in closed ring is formed, via distinct transformers and feeders of same or different powers, establishing guidelines and endorsing the control rooms operators in emergency, urgency or scheduled situations in the distribution overhead system. The main objective is to provide technical information, enabling more adequate taking decisions in the distribution overhead system maneuvers coordination, in real time. Each of them has conditions that can be considered the most adequate to carry out the established procedures, however without the main technical information. Thus, some variables such as minimum voltage, equipment loading limits, transformers´ phase angle, the operational restrictions of the system and customers must be applied in real time for the taking decision by the electrical system operators.


distribuição de energia elétrica fechamento em anel redes de distribuição de energia elétrica sistemas elétricos de potência closed-loop paralelismo sectionalizing and tie switches seccionadoras de vis-à-vis closed-loop arrangement feeder alimentadores

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