Fazer arte entre jovens: escolhas, formação e exercício profissional




Abstract This thesis focuses on the making of art among youths, their choices their education, and their careers and includes working practises and jobs in the context of architecture, their historic and cultural assets, museums, theatre, dance, graphic, and digital design, photography, fashion, music, radio, television, and so an. The main goat of this study is to show how a lifestyle became a way to earn a living. The initial hypothesis is that young artists get involved in knowledge of art before they choose the artistic career, as the artistic expression chosen by them and how it became evident in the life of the youngsters interviewed in this study. In this regard, we stress the main aspects that are found in their working practises and jobs at the present moment. We also emphasize the plurality of youth and then we focus on the process of socialization in its different forms and it can influence their professional choice and be a part of young artists lives in which they develop their skills at the intersection of schools and social relations. This process starts before they choose their professions in their multiple dimensions with emphasis on the routines of artistic production, in the overlap with the labour market and jobs, and also on the meanings that the young people we interviewed attach to their making of art.


ciencias sociais aplicadas emprego jovens - condições sociais juventude na arte work young art trabalho

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