Fatores determinantes para a formação da cultura empreendedora do aluno universitário do Piauí a partir dos jogos de empresas: a experiência do projeto desafio sebrae / Factors for the formation of culture entrepreneurial university student Piauí from business games: experience design challenge sebrae




The purpose of this work is to observe and gather information, so the research can evaluate the variables and how these variables contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial capacity of the college students from Piauí, for that the research used more than a thousand students from twenty-two different colleges. The research sample was formed by two observation groups, one group was considered as successful and the other one as unsuccessful, according to their performance on the DESAFIO SEBRAE, 2008 phases. All the questions and attributes that were analyzed have some connection with the measurement of the degree and impact of the development of the entrepreneurial capacity on college students. In order to get the answers, the researcher used the 5.0 E-view econometric model. The results were showed in tables, graphics and statistical analysis that were built from the essential crossing in order to attend the studys goals. This study intend to stimulate a review and re-evaluation of some currently strategies that concerns to public politics about graduating college students that are the future market professional and provide information for new and future research in this area.


empreendedorismo know how ciencias sociais aplicadas entrepreneurship jogos de negócios trabalho business games conhecimento work

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