Fatores de stress em jogadores de futebol profissional




Soccer players are exposed by a certain potential of stressors that worlds on the athletic performance. The soccer genesis of stress is a multifatorial and complex process that can influence the performance, debilitating it, triggering negative responses, or facilitating it, helping the athletes to use the individual resources in an effective way in the sports competition situation. If there is a negative or positive impact of these stressors on the sporting performance, then they must be investigated. The present study was carried out to serve two great purposes, denominated Study 1 (Elaborating and Checking the "Soccer Stress Inventory") , and Study 2 (Perception of Stress by the Time of Profession and Field Position). 137 professional soccer players from Palmeiras, Grêmio, Internacional and Etti Jundiaí were evaluated for the elaboration and checking of the instrument. This instrument consisted of 77 general and specific soccer items. The Varimax Factorial Analysis showed that only 2 itens have not been statistical/y significative, and that the others could be represented by 7 sources of stress. The Cronbach s alpha coefficient was used to analyse the inventory precision. In order to investigate the perception of stress by the time of professional and field position, 17 goalkeepers, 41 defenders, 47 mid-campers and 32 attack players were evaluated. 36 of them were more than 8 professional years, and 44 less than 3 professional years. The statistical analysis showed significative differences in 5 items, when the players were compared by field position, and in 21 items when compared by professional time. There are some evidences that the instrument is valid and reliable and so, it serves to evaluate stress in professional soccer players. It was detected that players have experienced a great variety of sources of stress, showing that the perception of these sources is transsituational. It could be deduced that there are diferences in the stress itens evaluation among the field positions, that can be seen as a specificity of the position, and that different experience levels can represent differences in the perception of stress


stress (psicologia) futebol psicometria esportes - aspectos psicologicos

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