Fatores associados à dislipidemia em crianças e adolescentes de escolas públicas de Salvador, Bahia, Brasil.




INTRODUCTION - Among the main factors that print this crescent increase of dislypidemia in young, the lifestyle, that include the inadequate alimentary habits and the physical inactivity, compete for the injury. Objective - This study it approaches the associated factors to dislypidemia in children and adolescents registered in the public net of teaching from Salvador-Ba. Methods and techniques - For so much, all the participants were submitted the anthropometric evaluation, blood‟s collection to dosage cholesterol and triglycerides. The information related to consummate to feed, physical activity and socioeconomic conditions and home of the family were supplied by the participants and complemented by the mother or responsible and registered in standardized questionnaire. Results - The prevalence of the dislypidemia found in the present study was of 25,5%. It was observed positive association and statistically significant between dislypidemia and obesity (OR=1,45 IC%:95 0,92- 2,28), the low consumption of protecting foods (based bean and rice) (OR=1,50 IC%:95 1,03- 2,17), and the maternal smaller education level (OR=3,14 IC%:95 1,93-5,12). Conclusion The data indicated association between dislypidemia and overweight, low consumption of protecting foods and maternal smaller education level. The school seems to be a strategic space to incentive the formation of healthy alimentary habits and practice regular physical activities with view of the health‟s promotion.


risk factors teenager nutricao crianças dislypidemia dislipidemia adolescentes fatores de risco doenças cardiovasculares cardiovascular diseases children

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