Failure Theories and Notch Type Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Jute-Glass Hybrid Composite Laminates


Mat. Res.




This study aimed to analyze the mechanical properties and damage characteristics in uniaxial tensile loading of two hybrid composite laminates consisting of an ortho-therephthalic polyester matrix reinforced by bidirectional jute fabrics and E-glass fibers, with different configurations and types of geometric discontinuities in the longitudinal section, characterized by the presence of a circular hole and semicircular notches. A semi-empirical study was conducted using the residual properties obtained in mechanical tests, as well as the Point Stress Criterion (PSC) and Average Stress Criterion (ASC) failure theories. This study is based on the calculation of distances (d0 and a0) in the neighborhood of both the hole and the notches, the area of failure stress. The results show the direct influence of geometric discontinuity and residual and modulus strengths in all the parameters studied. With respect to failure theories, only the PSC showed good agreement when the K equal to 2.36 or 2.58 values was used.

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