Factores críticos de éxito de la industria del software y su relación con la orientación estratégica de negocio: un estudio empírico-exploratorio


JISTEM - Journal of Information Systems and Technology Management




This article presents the results of an empirical-exploratory study of companies in the Software Industry (IndSw). One of the objectives was to know the Critical Success Factors (CSF) of the SWInd and their relationship with strategic business orientation. The CSF identified and analyzed were: Government Support, Human Capital, Marketing, Quality and Innovation. The research results reveal that it is possible to identify the existence of at least two main groups of strategic orientation (cost and differentiation) within this sector. The analysis of the relationship between business strategic orientation and the CSF emphasizes the following CSF: Human Capital, Quality and Innovation, the remaining factors present only a limited level of significant correlation. The empirical study was made through multivariate analysis techniques. The analysis of results is based on data collected through the application of a web survey (Internet) to Mexican software companies. The survey was carried out in July 2005.

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