Factor analysis applied to the G+GE matrix via REML/BLUP for multi-environment data


Crop Breed. Appl. Biotechnol.




Abstract The genotype x environment interaction is frequently observed in many crops and studies on environmental stratification and genotype adaptability have been proposed to understand it. The aim of this study was to carry out factor analysis in data from multi-environment experiments by the mixed model approach (REML/BLUP). Instead of adjusted phenotypic means, a matrix containing the genotypic effects added to the effects of the genotype x environment interaction (G+GE) was used, predicted via REML/BLUP in joint analysis (designated as R-FGGE). In the study, data from 36 common bean lines evaluated in 15 environments were used. By this proposal, 46.7% of the environments were gathered in two groups, one with four and the other with three environments. The R-FGGE has the same characteristics as the previous proposals, that is, ease of identification of mega-environments and genotypes with broad adaptability, along with the advantages associated with the mixed model methodology.

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